Warwick Black Pearl – The prize of our vineyard. Winner of the New York State Fair. Incredibly rich and full bodied. The absolute best seller at the winery.

Bacchus Noir – Created from select grapes by master vintner FC.

Warwick Red Deer – Another fine example of wine made with grapes from our own vineyard. Hearty and robust, yet remarkably smooth. Great with practically any rich meal.

Warwick Ruby Red – A very well balanced red wine. Full flavor with fruity overtones. This is a great wine that invites you to drink another glass. Good with pasta, pizza & provolone.

Evening Red – Very popular & goes with all food. A premium red wine.

Victoria Merlot – This wine is blended with 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet. Literally safe to serve with almost any meal. It’s well balanced tannins will harmonize your palate.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Made from 80% Cabernet grapes blended with 20% Merlot. This is a world renowned classic blend. Ours is lighter than most and easier to drink.

Pinot Noir – Light to medium bodied with an aroma of black cherry.

Red Classico – Very similar to a classic Chianti from Tuscany. Our driest Red. Peppery, yet still delivering overtones of fruit flavor. Great with most any type of Italian dish.

Red Zinfandel – Probably the most up and coming Red. Popularly nick-named “Zins”. It’s best loved for its deep fruity flavor. Great with foods in light red sauces.


Vin Santo – Italian style dessert wine like that found in Tuscany.

Rosé Cabernet – For those of you with a sweeter palate, this wine derives its sweetness by cutting short the fermentation process leaving slightly less alcohol and a fruitier wine.

Warwick Sunset – This wine was actually created to capture the incredible sunsets at our vineyard. This crisp light wine is a wonderful complement to the end of a day.

Super Sangria – The red wine, fruit,sweetness and touch of brandy all in one bottle, a favorite of customers.

Vino Primitivo – Translates to primitive culture, early one…perfect with roasted lamb.

Porto Fino Ice Wine – Comes from the German culture of dessert wine produced from grapes frozen while still on the vine.


F. C. Stella Reserva – This fine red wine is made with a couple of special grapes. The tannins in it have matured giving this wine an incredible flavor.

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva (94) An excellent example of a premier Cabernet. Aged over 5 years in oak. This wine has hints of chocolate and berry fruit flavors. Wonderful with fine red meats.

Merlot Reserva (93) – A great example of one of the most desirable varietals in America. Smooth, yet full bodied. Is at its peak now, ready to drink at its finest hour.

Black Pearl Reserva – A premium red wine Reserve, created by master vintner FC, for those with a taste for the finer.

Chardonnay Reserva (87) – One of our best years, out of our best barrels and aged a bit longer, of the utmost quality.


Chardonnay Supreme – Made from select Long Island Grapes. Our Chardonnay is light yet crisp with a very smooth texture. The ideal cocktail wine. Also great with a chicken or fish.

Aurora (dry) – From our vineyard, a white grape, fermented with skins allowing the pulling of enough pigment to develop the earthy color tones.

Pino Grigio – Minerally and dry similar to that found in the Northern parts of Italy.

White Gold – Individually fermented in the same bottle. This wine is clean and crisp, fresh and bright.


Riesling – Another great social wine. Meant to be enjoyed with friends. Wonderfully clean, crisp, buttery flavor. Has a great finish. Serve cold.

Aurora (sweet) – From our vineyard, a higher amount of residual sugar left after fermentation allows for a sweeter version.

Muscadell – Created from select varietal grapes, for dinner and dessert. Served chilled.

White Zinfandel – Ours is a very well balanced wine, with fresh fruity overtones. This is a great social wine. It has a marvelous talent in bringing people together for pre-dinner fun.

Porto Fino White – A rich, hearty, full flavored port. Great for sitting around a fireplace to start some serious conversations. Its mellow sweet taste is a thing to talk about all by itself.

Non-Alcoholic Wine – Available in Red and White. Full flavor without the alcohol content.


Peach Wine – Made from fresh Peaches exactly the same as we make wine from grapes. The bouquet of this wine is fantastic. Believe it or not, it’s light, sweet. Serve on ice.

Strawberry Wine – A very delicate flavor, suitable for soft warm summer afternoons on the porch, by yourself or with friends. This wine should be served over ice and is sure to please.

Cherry Wine – Another delicate flavor. A subtle, soft and mellow wine. We guarantee compliments from anyone who drinks it. Serve over ice.

Apple Wine – A popular wine made with apples from local orchards. Light with a smooth clean taste and a natural apple finish. Served chilled. It’s the natural pick-r-upper.

Apple Wine “Spicy” – Clove, cinnamon and ginger all included, perfect to heat up on a cold night.

Dandelion Wine – Folkloric recipe for the healing of kidney disease, works as a diuretic, delicious on a warm afternoon right out of freezer.


Hard Cider (dry) – A dry spritzy drink made from the fermented juice of apples.

Spumante (sweet) – Our Italian Sparkling wine, made for the everyday or special occasion toasts.