Clear Grappa – Call it Aqua-Vite, Schnapps, White Lightening, Jet Fuel or whatever. It’s what the Italians drink to prove they’re strong men. 105 proof.

Super Chocolate Grappa – Kept in the freezer to be enjoyed as an after dinner treat.

Raisin Grappa – Our special blend to be enjoyed anytime.

Oregano Grappa – A healing remedy known for its antioxidant qualities, anti-inflammatory properties, and helps with respiratory infections.

Honey Grappa – A delicious combination of local honey and our best grappa.

Very Special Reserve C – A special Brandy made for special people.

Cherry Brandy – A sweet distilled beverage produced from the residues of cherry fruit.

Cherry Tree Brandy – Flavored with the wood of a cherry tree, aged a bit longer.

Blue Spruce Schnapps – A true Christmas tree flavored specialty drink.

Dandelion Brandy – A version taken from the dandelion flower mash, distilled to perfection.

Strawberry Brandy – This liquor is certainly an ice breaker. A great sipping liquor. Wonderful on cold winter nights.

Coco Brandy – Special Coco Brandy made to be enjoyed by everybody.

Peach Brandy – Made from fermenting fresh peaches and alcohol over time to create a warm, soft ambrosia of a liquor. Serve over ice.

Apple Rum “Spicy” – Apple flavored,rum…use it in your Apple spiced rum cake.

Triple Tree Plus Brandy – Made from the finest Maple, Oak, Apple, Cherry and Cedar Trees on our property.

Cocolita Brandy – The ideal dessert Brandy, our own creation blending coffee and chocolate.


Grape Vodka – The perfect mix with your cranberry juice and lime served over ice.

Grain Vodka – Our most popular, very smooth, perfect for your Pink Vodka Sauce

Vanilla Vodka – A delicious addition to your “White Russian” (vodka, coffee liqueur, and fresh cream).


Applejack – A strong Brandy

Creme de Menthe – A sweet mint flavored alcoholic beverage, used in a “Grasshopper”  (fresh cream, creme de Menthe and creme de cacao).

Amarena Aperitivo – Enjoy before dinner, derived from the bitter dark colored cherry grown near Bologna, Italy.

Limoncello – The classic Italian after dinner drink. Made from fresh lemon peals soaking in sugars and alcohol. Served chilled.

Orancella – A newer version of the standard Italian classic except it’s made with orange peals. Great orange overtones in a very viscous liquid. Served chilled or on the rocks.

Empire Coffee Liquor – An excellent choice for the “White Russian”, in combination with our Vanilla Vodka.

Amerittino di Valley – Our Silver Award winning version of Amaretto…the almond flavored liquor associated with Saronno, Italy.

F.O.C. Liquore – A unique blend of 10,different flavors, named from Francesco and,mOrietta Ciummo…for the sophisticated palate.

Warwick Special Liquore – A concoction of 6 flavors…fused flawlessly.

Tropical Liquore – Our variety of them,Dominican drink “Mamajuana” …a mix of rum, red wine and honey soaked in a bottle with tree bark and herbs.

Anisette Gold “No Anisette tastes like mine…” – FC

Sherry – Created by FC. An old wine abandoned in the woods.

Blue Sky Juniper Our Gin…a Silver Medal Winner.