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The Largest Winery in Warwick, New York!

Demarest Hill Winery Cellar

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Demarest Hill Winery is the largest winery in Warwick, New York, stocking over 80 varieties of wine, two ports and ciders, and four vinegars, which include Balsamico, Bombita Red, Apple, and Apple Balsamico.  New this year are four ounce containers of Chocolate Grappa spread to use on whatever you fancy.

The winery, located upon a beautiful hilltop, is home to Francesco Ciummo and his wife, Orietta, which they have built together from the ground up. The estate exhibits a gorgeous view of the valley, perfect for picnic lunches in the summer or a relaxing weekend getaway.

What started as merely a passion of the owner, is now a fruitful business, growing each year as the Master Vintner invents new creations. Demarest Hill Winery and Distillery brings the taste of southern Italy to the Hudson Valley Region.